The role of aroma in our skincare products

Why are aromas and skincare intricately linked? Aromas leave an enduring mark on the memory and the subconscious. The human body releases endorphins when it detects an aroma that pleases the mind, so products that incorporate fragrances generate positive sensations and feelings. Since odors offer powerful and positive reinforcement, we at Cinnamon Soul, have made them core to our skincare products.

How do we do it? You’ll find Cinnamon Soul’s soaps and oils with a distinct signature aroma that feels familiar and yet unique. We prepare these with the help of essential oils, using one as a base note and then blending others to give a tier to the foundation note. The result? An exclusive aroma that is memorable and luxurious, bringing the importance of a sensorial experience in skincare to the forefront. For example, our award-winning Citrus Oil has fresh citrus top notes that are harmonized with the warmth of vanilla, offering a unique aroma.

We want to talk about these essential oils a little more, so you can understand their use and effectiveness. Essential oils are staple in Cinnamon Soul’s beauty products, bringing beautiful aromas and medicinal properties to you.

But what exactly do they do, and what are the long term benefits of essential oils is something you should know, since beauty and skincare products are used directly on your body, and have an impact on it on a daily basis.

What Are Essential Oils
Essential oils are often pegged as alternative medicinal oils made from plant extracts that support health and well-being. These are oils that are extracted as essence from various plants and used in aroma therapy. The wonderful aromas in your all-natural skincare products is usually the work of essential oils. A good essential oil lends itself to easy absorption by the skin, making it non-sticky and easy to use. When these oils come in contact with the body, they can have a calming effect or trigger memories associated with the smell.

Secret Tip
The nature of extraction of these oils is important to understand. Essential oils obtained through chemical processes are not considered true essential oils. It is only when they are retrieved through distillation (via steam or water) or any mechanical methods, such as cold pressing, is when they are truly essential oils that make a difference on your skin. Chemical methods render them un-natural.

Kinds of Essential Oils
There are scores of essential oils, each with its own unique smell and health benefits. Here’s a list of the most popular essential oils and their benefits.

  1. Lavender: This is used to relieve stress
  2. Sandalwood: Sandalwood help to calm nerves and aids with focus
  3. Rose: This is used to reduce anxiety
  4. Peppermint: This boosts energy and aids digestion
  5. Chamomile: This is often associated with relaxation
  6. Ylang-Ylang: This is used to treat headaches, nausea, and skin conditions
  7. Tea Tree: A common oil, this fights infections and boosts immunity
  8. Jasmine: Jasmine is known to help with depression, childbirth, and libido
  9. Lemon: A common essence, this aids digestion, uplifts mood and reduces
  10. Bergamot: used to reduce stress and improve skin conditions like eczema

Benefits of Essential Oils

  1. Reducing inflammation – Essential oils are known to reduce inflammation in the body, and often added in products for its effectiveness in this regard.
  2. Sleep Enhancers – The fact that many essential oils help in relaxation, they are used as sleep enhancers to combat insomnia and general restlessness.
  3. Reduction of Stress – Many essential oils lend themselves to relaxation and easing the mind and body.
  4. Antibiotic – Derived from medicinal plants, several essential oils also have antibiotic properties and used in natural skincare products. However, this should be used with the recommendation of a health professional.
  5. Headaches – Many people are said to get relief from headaches and serious migraines after using essential oils.

From the point of view of skincare products, you should check if the essential oils in your products are chemically derived or have been extracted through mechanical and natural methods. When extracted naturally, they are most potent and remain in their natural, earth-friendly and effective form.

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