Ten things you should know about Cinnamon Soul

Cinnamon Soul is a natural and organic skincare brand with handcrafted soaps, luxury bath oils, Mum’s belly oil and a Gentlemen’s collection as a part of our product range. Our first and foremost goal is to create effective skincare products that look and feel amazing in today's frantic-paced lifestyle. Cinnamon Soul was born out of the need to fill the void of finding a luxury beauty care brand that was truly anchored in sustainability. We wanted to introduce eco-luxury in everyday living. The idea was to live and create a more conscious and mindful life, without trading off little self-indulgent moments of self-care. Cinnamon Soul is modern and yet anchored to the grassroots to nourish your skin in the most honest way.

Here are ten things that you should know about us, and start your natural skincare journey soon.

  1. All our products are 100% natural, toxin-free, paraben-free and sulphate-free, making them healthy for our bodies and the earth. In addition to these there is no use of phthalates, synthetic detergents, artificial colorants or artificial fragrances.
  2. Our products are cruelty-free. No element of our products is tested or derived from animals. We simply don’t test on animals. Ever.
  3. We are always positively palm-oil free, and free from all its derivates in our products.
  4. Sustainability is not just a word in our lexicon – we truly live it. We source all our ingredients from ethically run farms with fair wages, and align with partners who are responsible.
  5. The ingredients used in our products come from the best and purest sources, while keeping carbon footprint in mind. For example, the highest quality of olive oil is found in Spain, and that’s where it comes from. But other premium quality ingredients like lavender are available in India, so we don’t look further. The idea is to use the best and most effective ingredients in our products, no matter where we have to source them from. We constantly update ourselves and reach out to ethical sourcing partners to improve our sourcing system.
  6. Our packaging policy is extremely earth friendly. Only recyclable & reusable materials are used to send out products, and our customers love us for this.
  7. We are rooted in traditional and most effective methods for creating our products. For example, our soaps are made the old fashioned way with cold process soap making process that helps retain the benefits of natural and pure essential oils.
  8. There is nothing that goes in the products that does not have purpose. Each ingredient brings natural goodness to cleanse, nourish and moisturize the skin in different forms.
  9. We believe that skincare should be a sensorial process. The aroma is the special secret sauce of our products. We use a special technique of creating not just one specific aroma for a product, but a blend of two or three notes, as a base and layers. As a result, the aromas are unique, yet familiar, and add a new dimension to all the natural soaps and oils.
  10. Our skincare products inspire and enable users to live a more conscious and mindful life, without trading off on those little self-indulgent moments in the everyday self-care rituals. We insist that sustainable products can offer a luxurious feeling as well, and that no one should compromise on self-care.