Slowing your stride: A closer look at sustainability

We all know the virtues of slow and sustainable living, especially in the space of beauty and skincare. With the profusion of products and tall claims, the consumer is bound to be bombarded with messaging and be triggered to purchase more than what is needed. Sustainability is not just about using best natural skincare products, but also being mindful of where they come from, the role of all the ingredients in a product, where are they being sourced from and an eye on wastage throughout the journey of the product from creation, packaging to reaching the consumer. We urge our customers to slow down, and enjoy each
daily ritual of bathing and skin care, as simple as it may be, with our luxurious organic skin care products.

At Cinnamon Soul, we look at sustainability from a 360 degree perspective:

  • We question ourselves constantly on the use of each ingredient – is it needed or not? We create each product with the finest of ingredients, but also check what value is it bringing to the final product and how is it best used?
  • The carbon footprint of our sourcing network is of utmost importance. The best ingredient also has to be married to closest possible location. While olive oil might come from Spain, we ensure that other ingredients are sourced from within Indian borders.
  • We pick the most ethical farms where ingredients are grown and harvested with above average wages and humane working conditions. Partnering with those who align with our ethos on sustainability is extremely important for us. This is non-negotiable.
  • The creation of the product in our personal workshop allows us to keep an eye on wastage on all fronts.
  • Since the ingredients in Cinnamon Soul skincare products are all natural, they are not harmful for the earth while making, and even in your bath, when they run into the drains with water.
  • We use recyclable and reusable packaging for the products, ensuring that there is less waste created in the journey of the product.

A commitment to considered usage and sustainable choices in the skincare industry is much
needed by brands and users. Even the smallest effort makes a collectively large impact on
the earth. With mindful choices, we can together impact the environment and our own
health. It’s as simple as choosing the right product that is effective for you, and made with a
conscious approach.