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Fill your home with whiffs of our wax melts

Hosting a party? Having guests over? Change the ambiance (and scent) of your home in an instant with our diffuser wax melts.

What Are Wax Melts? They're the perfect candle/ diffuser oil alternative. These simple, easy-to-use scented wax cubes allow you to add a delightful aroma to the room without ever having to deal with messy oils again.

Where To Use Wax Melts: Use them anywhere - your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom - any space. Treat it like you would a candle.

Scent Profiles:

Frosty Fresh: Smells like rain - as we like to call it. Grounded with the earthy fresh scent tied in with light top notes of mint.

Festive Edit:  Smells like Mull Wine - Citrus Spice & Everything Nice.  A whiff of this takes you back to everything Christmass.  Notes of Citrus, with subtle underlying spice notes. Truly is everything festive


Directions: Place a cube into a diffuser / wax warmer ( our wax melts are compatible with any electric, lightbulb or tea-light warmer) You can add an additional cube depending on your desired strength of the scent.

Ingredients: Our wax melts are made from pure plant waxes and are scented with pure essential oils only.

Each tin contains 8 cubes of wax melts.

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